Cap Projet

Cap Projet

Prepare today for a better tomorrow!

Whether you wish to constitute a capital for your retirement, to finance your projects or to guarantee your children's education: CAP PROJET a combined life insurance and saving plan subscribed with SGBL Insurance is your answer.


Main characteristics:


  • The interest rate is set annually: 1% for 2020
  • Flexible payment terms: 
- Starting USD 35 per month 
- Optional free payment starting USD 50
  • Availability of savings at any time with exit fees equal to USD 50 before 3 years

Combined with a life insurance

Offers two coverage types:

  • Standard
- During his life the insured receives the revalued savings at contract maturity
- In case of total and permanent disability / death from all causes the insured / the beneficiary receives the maximum between the amount set at the adhesion or the saving amount whichever is higher.
  • Optional
- In case of accidental death, the beneficiary receives double the amount set at the adhesion 
- In case of accidental total and permanent disability, the insured receives double the amount set at the adhesion 
- In case of accidental permanent partial disability, the insured receives a percentage of the amount set at the adhesion according to a predefined scale. 

More info

  • The contract duration depends on the age of the insured  until 65 years old 
  • Subscribers should be between 18 and 65 years old at maturity 
  • The subscriber has the choice to extend the contract beyond 65 years old for the saving part without the insurance coverage (death/ disability) or to collect savings at maturity


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