Cap Quietude

Cap Quietude

Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Plan ahead with CAP QUIÉTUDE life insurance program and secure a guaranteed capital for you and your family in case of death or disability. CAP QUIÉTUDE is a life insurance contract underwritten by SGBL Insurance.

Basic coverage

  • In case of disability, the policyholder receives the guaranteed capital (see optional coverage below) 
  • In case of death from all causes, the beneficiary receives the amount fixed at adhesion (minimum USD 100,000)

Multiple optional coverage

  • Accidental Death 

Payment of double the guaranteed capital

  • Permanent total disability 

Payment of guaranteed capital, using the following options :

Accidental permanent total disability 
Payment of double the guaranteed capital 

Accidental permanent partial disability 
Payment of a percentage of the guaranteed capital

  • Dread Disease

Immediate payment of 50% of the guaranteed capital

  • Passive war risk 

Payment of guaranteed capital

The guarantee of renewal

  • This guarantee allows the insured to request its contract renewal for successive periods 


More info

  • Guaranteed capital between USD 100,000 and USD 1,000,000 
  • Premium depends on age, guaranteed capital, contract duration and selected options
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