Cap Serenite

Cap Serenite

Now you can have insurance and protect your family all at once.

Insure yourself against life's risks while planning your family's financial continuity, thanks to CAP SÉRÉNITÉ. CAP SÉRÉNITÉ is a life insurance contract underwritten by SGBL Insurance.

Secure your loved ones

A- Standard coverage

  • In case of death

- The beneficiary receives the total guaranteed capital

  • In case of permanent total disability from all causes

- The insured receives the total guaranteed capital


B- Optional Coverage 

  • In case of accidental death

- The beneficiary receives double the guaranteed capital

  • In case of disability

- Accidental permanent total disability: the insured receives double the guaranteed capital 
- Permanent partial disability: the insured receives a percentage of the guaranteed capital




Flexible and reliable

  • Guaranteed capital ranges between USD 5,000 and USD 99,000 
  • Flexible insurance duration is minimum 5 years (renewable one time for 5 years) 
  • Premium depending on insured age , guaranteed capital, contract duration and selected option



More info

  • No medical formalities required 
  • Possibility of 5 years period renewal without medical formalities at the end of the initial period



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